Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Deedat Lunch @ Breaks Cafe, BCS Batam.

15.11.2013 - Lunch at Breaks Cafe, it was a quiet lunch, so i prefer to dine here with my son with a FREE WI-FI.  When this place too much people, i get so annoy by smokers, i guaranteed you, you will get annoy by smoker diners who smokes like nobody business!! i hate one thing about the Mall in Indonesia, is that everyone can smoke in the restaurants, it doesn't matter is an air conditioning restaurant inside the Mall!! can you imagine how annoying is that!!   

There's totally zero restriction for restaurant! Smoker is really so convenient to smoke anywhere but so sadly so bad for none smoker health! and smoker would never in their f***king life consider the none smoker sitting just right next to them and inhale all their f**king 2nd hand smoke they puffed out!  

So basically, it doesn't make any difference if i'm gonna dine here or there, because all smokers are welcome! 

ZingDo & Breeks Cafe

Asian RestaurantKorean Restaurant, and Café
Batam City Square (BCS) Mall, Lt. 2, Blok E #2-5 (Jalan Bunga Raya, Baloi),BatamKepulauan Riau

 Oriental Fried Rice with seafood very generous portion, but different day you come, a different presentation..LOL..

 Ice Mocha Latte

He likes the Oriental seafood fried rice

 This is a different day, same dish Oriental Seafood Fried Rice, but different serving and presentation

Spicy Fried Noodle

Happy Face

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