Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chicken Rice @ Warong Sedaap, Nagoya Hill Batam.

09.10.2013 - Warong Sedaap, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. Batam.  Now this place officially our son one and only Chicken Rice place where he can eat.  The Chicken is acceptably soft and tasty and the rice is a quality rice, so everything is good, a standard portion of chicken rice set come with a bowl of soup.   

There is actually another good chicken rice outside the mall, but the chicken rice kiosk always closed, could be wrong timing when we went there, we only had it once, it was really good and never got the chance to try again. 

Anyway, Warong Sedaap has an array menu for your lunch or dinner selection.   

Warung Sedap

Indonesian RestaurantAsian Restaurant, and Food Court
Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, 1st Flr, (Jalan Teuku Umar, Nagoya)BatamKepulauan Riau 29432

  Seafood Fried Kway Teow

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