Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lumpiah Semarang

27.11.2013 - This is another delicious starter, appetizer or you can call it snack   It is delicious just like our malaysia version of popiah. With the delicious cooked lumpiah skin.  I made a few rolls to eat it raw without deepfrying and we found that without frying it, lumpiah taste even delicious and more healthier!! Trust me, it is really delicious!

Lumpiah Skin might be difficult to get from where you stay.  So your only choice to make Lumpiah is using Pastry Popiah Skin. I bought my lumpiah skin from fresh market. They selling everyday, it is fresh, and the skin is so thin, delicate and soft.  Make sure your lumpiah fillings don't contain too much water or the skin will break when you do the rolling.  

This lumpiah not yet into deep fry! but seriously, these lumpiah are so good, so much better than the fried ones.  

15 sheets of Lumpiah Skin, i bought this from the wet market
200g Boneless Chicken Breast, cut into strips
200g Prawns, optional ( you can have only chicken or prawn or both is up to your desire ) 
200g Young Bamboo Shoots / Rebung
Few Corriander leaf/ chinese parsley
2 eggs, beaten ( i omit this ingredient )
2tbsp oyster sauce
Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Chicken granules to taste
3tbs corn starch + water as thickening agent. set aside.
1 egg to seal lumpiah skin 
Oil for deep-frying

1 clove garlic, finely chopped
300ml water
50g  of brown sugar, finely combed
1 / 4 tsp white pepper
25g granulated sugar
3tbs corn starch + water as thickening agent. set aside.


Making Lumpiah:-  
In a wok, heat 3 tbsp cooking oil. Sauteed garlic and dried shrimp until fragrant. Add in chicken strips mix well till combine. Beat in the eggs ( i omit egg ) Stir till eggs are evenly cooked. Add the bamboo shoots, mix well, stir fry for a little while and seasons and taste. Add a little just about 2 tbsp of water not too much or filling will be wet and mix well, if too watery thicken with cornflour water. Dish up and set aside to cool and after cool will do the wrapping with lumpiah skin. 

In a clean and dry dinner plate, place a piece of lumpiah skin. and scoop and tablespoon or more on lumpiah skin, fold both side and roll up. to seal the lumpiah with an egg wash. 

Ready a pan for deepfriying. Medium fire to deepfried lumpiah till golden brown.  Dish up! Drain access oil and served warm. 

Boil the garlic and water until boiling. Add in brown sugar, pepper and sugar. Stir until dissolved.  Thicken with corn starch and dish up.  Serve with sauce lumpia semarang.

This is how a fresh soft Lumpiah Skin looks like, it is different from frozen Pastry Popiah Skin

 Fillings : Stir fried Rebung / Young Bamboo shoots 

You can eat Lumpiah just raw without frying it just treat like singapore popiah, the skin is edible raw, i tell you, it taste even delicious.  About half a portion we eat just raw without deepfrying! two thumbs up!! :) 

  Golden brown Lumpiah is ready to dig in!!! Yummy but little too oily for me, i love it raw.. :)


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