Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chee Cheong Fun with thick sweet sauce

Craving for my childhood comfort food that is....Chee Cheong Fun!! kakaka....

This recipe by Kenneth Goh chee cheong fun recipe i didn't expect it was easy, but really is easy.  

I do not have a square tray to steam my chee cheong fun, so i use a 6"round baking pan, to make hahaha.....My tray wasn't really big, small enough to fit in to my wok.  The first tray made was a little thick with 1 1/2 ladle, so i reduce to 1 cup of ladle full batter and its perfect.  Well first always the ugly one, just like i make pancake...haaa...and the following is perfect.

With my pan size, i managed to make a total of 11 pcs chee cheong fun, so much left over that i can save for the next day too. 

Even i do not have fried scallots, chicken char siew fillings, prawn fillings or even spring onion on top, but this plain serving style really satisfy my craying, it looks totally like the olden days without too much style and no fillings in it, just served plain with lots of sweet dark sauce.. I am personally so happy with the out come of my 1st time making chee cheong fun! Now i do not need to imagine them, i can cook anytime i want! :P

Happy Cooking!

150g rice flour
25g wheat starch
25g corn starch
550g water
1tbsp cooking oil
( Add filling of your choice * )

3 1/2tbsp hoisan sauce 
1tsp light soya sauce
1/4tsp black soya sauce
2tbsp sweet dark soya sauce
Sugar to taste
Some water
Toasted Sesame Seeds for sprinkle on top

* In a bowl, mix all ingredients except for toasted sesame seeds.  
* Heat pan in sauce, heat sauce until thicken and taste, dish up set aside.


* Put water in wok bring to boil, while wok is steaming away.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl and mix well with a whisk.  
* Grease cooking oil 2 x pan/tray ( * rotate ) base and little on the side, and scoop a ladle full pour on tray and swirl around to even the batter.  
* Steamed for 1-2 minutes, when it is done, the rice noodle will puff up a little. 
* Remove from wok and immediately place another pan/tray, brush cooking oil and repeat the same steps.
* Remove rice noodles from pan/tray with a hard rubber spatula very carefully.
* Transfer rice noodles on a greased serving plate set aside while continuing cooking every trays.
* Chee Cheong Fun assembly, transfer your desire amount of chee cheong fun to a clean serving plate.  brush little cooking oil on knife, cut into small pieces. Drizzle with sweet dark sauce and sprinkle with lots of toasted sesame seeds, served. 

Happy Cooking!! 

 The sweet dark sauce taste so delicious.  For coloring wise, i will definitely make it looks darker the next time!! 

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