Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rose Zebra Stripes Ogura Cake

I love rose smell, syrup, aroma, fragrance, anything smell rose is my favourite.  I have been wanted to make something with Rose.  Happily, I found Rose Paste, haven't seen Rose Essence or Rose Water around, anyway i am happy enough to find Rose Paste, i can start making one Rose Cake now.

Here i used Jeannietay BluePea Ogura recipe to create a Rose flavour Ogura Cake to the next level..... lol *feeling crazy.   This recipe is very straight forward and easy, i just added a tsp of Rose Paste into batter. If you want to create a darker color or stronger rose flavour, you may add 1tbsp of paste instead of 1tsp or just add 1tsp of Rose Essence.

You may notice that this cake has a weird looking stripes, i did it on purpose to create another looking stripes instead of the regular zebra stripes.

Beautiful Rose Zebra stripes Ogura Cake, so soft, delicious, delicate, 
every bite taste and smell so rosy and a beautiful pink color.

50g Oil
60g milk
Pinch of salt ( i omit this )
5 egg yolks (100g ) + 1 whole egg ( size B )
65g plain flour
10g pandan coconut powder
1tsp Rose Paste
5 egg whites (200g)
80g caster sugar
1/2tsp cream of tartar ( i used 1/4tsp )

* 8" round pan, line bottom grease side, set aside.
* Beat white & sugar until stiff peak and set aside for later use.
* Beat egg yolks + 1 whole egg until light to double volume, add in oil, water mix slowly until all combine and sift in flour with a hand whisk slowly until all combine.
* Mix in meringue into 3 batches, 1st fold in 1/3 portion with hand whisk until all combine, 2nd fold in 1/3 portion mix gently and is ok if u see some meringue not totally mix through but continue add in the last remaining portion, fold with a spatula gently until all combine.
* Divide batter into 2 bowls.  Mix in Rose Paste into one portion ( Ensure plain batter is slightly more than Rose batter. )  With a spoon, scoop batter into baking pan in 5 separates dollops like flower petals and one in the middle a dollop, about 2-3tbsp each dollop, continue alternatively until top.  When the circle getting smaller, reduce tablespoons of batter into 1 tbsp.  
* Pre-heated oven at 170c with waterbath
* Bake at 170c, for 1hour center oven.  Removed waterbath, move tray into lower rack continue bake for another 30 minutes.
* Remove cake from oven, wait for few minutes until cake pull away from pan to unmould cake.  Cake cooked perfectly with no cracks :)

Happy Baking!!

 Which ever batter is more, use as the 1st layer to do the stripes 
and continue alternatively. As i did another way round, there for i end up with
alot of pink covering the plain batter :(

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