Monday, May 15, 2017

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting ( 1 )

03.01.2017 - Happy New Year to all!! I hope the Rooster year 2017 bring me luck, fortune, love and health all the way until the end and all the way until i die!!  *smile

This is my 1st cake in 2017. :) Has no intention to make red velvet cake actually, but this is my siblings fault *lol..... I was so dying to eat red velvet cake after one of my sister show me her red velvet cake and so i decided to make one all for myself *greedy mode *lol

I was always wanted to bake a Red Velvet whole cake as i did long ago with little cupcakes but i didn't really like the taste perhaps i wasnt good in baking that time.  However, im glad i decided to bake this again and happy that the cake turn out to be perfected.  It was totally taste as good as the one i ate long ago at a cafe.  This cake was super soft, delicious and delicate.  Im glad to pick Jeannietay's Blog recipe, She has an amazing skill and baking recipes, love her blog and all her recipes sharing.   Here is link  red-velvet-cake/

For the frosting, i used Munira Frosting.  ( This blog forgotten to post until today, so sorry if you happen to see 2 red velvet cake post at the same time! :::) :) and this is my 1st Red Velvet Cake

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