Monday, May 22, 2017

Yam Swiss Roll

21.05.2017 - Purple Purple Purple..... love purple. I have got this lovely Taro Paste which i just bought and how i love the fragrance that makes me think of something to bake and so i thought of making a simple Swiss Roll.  The sponge cake so soft and fluffy! it was a success creation! The only thing i wasn't really like about is my sugar measurement not to my liking, it was too sweet for me, to those who love sweet, i think that sweetness level wouldn't be a problem, but for me i will definitely reduce sugar the next time, i will go for 35-40g :)  

Back to the paste issue......I seriously like this brand "MAGLAM" very much, it is so thick, concentrate and the fragrance is so nature and strong.  If you ever find this brand the nearest to you, get all of these flavours to stock for future use.  So far its the best paste i have ever discovered.  I've got Coffee Mocha, Chocolate, Pandan Wangi and the latest addition is the Taro/Yam flavour.... *hahaa... < *L*>  You can use this in any pastry making like bread, cake, ice cream, kueh, frosting, crepes, waffles, pancakes etc....etc Its very useful indeed.

Little bit about my baking pan, I have a small oven, so my oven can only fit in 11" x 8.5".  As you can see my Swiss Roll does look smaller, thicker, not so much rolls..  If you have a bigger oven, you can used a pan size 11" x 14" and the swiss roll will definitely looks better, thinner and could make more rolls with it. :)

Anyway, I hope all of you will try out my recipe! Good Luck and Happy Baking!!

4 medium egg yolks
60g caster sugar ( separates sugar into half for egg whites )
33g oil
40ml fresh milk
1tbsp Taro/Yam Paste ( could add more for darker color and stronger flavour )
Purple Coloring ( optional )
67g All Purpose Flour ( sifted ) ( if you use cake flour, you can skip BP )
1/2tsp Baking Powder

4 medium egg yolks
1/4tsp Cream of Tartar
half sugar from 60g above

3/4 cup Whipping Cream ( May use 1 cup for bigger swiss roll and add in some cooked yam cubes )
* Whipped cream to stiff peak, set in the fridge for filling and decoration.

DECORATION ( you can decorate your own desire )
Pipping Gel
* I use store bought clear pipping gel, added few drops of purple food coloring.  You can add any color of your desire. If you do not have pipping gel available the nearest to you.  Here is the link how to make piping gel your own as easy as 123 :)

* Grease and line a rectangle 11" x 8.9" pan, set aside.
* Beat white and sugar til stiff peak and set aside for later use.
* Beat egg yolks and sugar till light to double volume,  sift in ( flour+BP) with a hand whisk slowly ( Do not over mix ) and mix ( oil, milk and paste ) with a balloon whisk slowly until well combined.
* Mix in meringue into 3 batches, 1st fold in 1/3 portion with hand whisk until all combine, 2nd fold in 1/3 portion mix gently and is ok if u see some meringue not totally mix through but continue add in the last remaining portion, fold with a spatula gently until all combine.
* Preheated oven at 180c, bake for 25 mins center oven.
* When its done, removing cake from oven, wait for few minutes, removed cake from pan and carefully remove the baking sheet and roll up the while its still warm. skin side up. Let it cool on the rack.
* When it is cool, unfold the cake and fill in whipped cream and gently roll it back, keep in fridge and let it chill at least 2 hours before serve.

My morning Breakfast :) with extra strawberries to balance out the sweetness... hahaha..

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