Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Old School Sliced Cake with Buttercream

15.04.2017 - Who remember these beautiful buttery cream slice cakes? I do, i remember mom love to bring me to her friend kopitiam drink lemon tea with 2 slices of these beautiful slice sponge cake with buttercream cake, i love it so much!! I was just in my primary school those days.  

Those days, these cakes are so simple, delicious and no complication...lol*  I always pick the rectangle 2 layers slice cake with piping gel and little flowers on top, the other of my favourite are in round shape, sometimes i love to pick with coated peanuts top with piping gel or round cake coated with coconut and top with piping gel, simply yummy!

Every time i crave for it, i started searching recipes, looking at old school cakes pictures....ahaah....just couldn't resist those temptation. What keeps me being lazy to make are basically i imagine too much work with this tiny cakes, need to bake a cake, make buttercream and piping gel, this and that.....but finally i decided to make them anyway.

This recipe from Lucindafamilykitchen blog. I choose to make all vanilla flavour this time, i hope when i am not lazy and crave for it next time, i will try coffee and strawberry sponge cake with vanilla!!  

I still find my sliced cakes very uneven, messy and not so beautiful.  Anyway, i am happy with the outcome at least finally i got to taste it my very own old school sliced cakes!!! Horey!!..bite to my childhood memories. I will make more beautiful next time. 

4 egg yolks
75ml corn oil
100ml water
150g self raising flour ( i dont have SRF, so i use cake flour + 1tsp BP )
4 egg whites
100g caster sugar ( i reduce to 80g )
* for coffee cake, add 1sp coffee paste

* Line 20x20 / 8" square pan base only, side no needed to grease, set aside
* Beat egg white until peak with sugar, side aside.
* Beat egg yolks until double volume in between add in paste beat until combine.
* Add oil slowly follow by water with a mixer, fold in flour slowly with mixer until all combine.
* Add in meringue into 3 batches.
* Pour into baking pan.
* Preheated 180c, Bake for 30 minutes.
* Invert cake into wire rack to cool.
* When cake is cool, halve the cake, slice sponge cake into 2 layers and fill with butter cream.  Top with your own decoration desire.
* Delicious to consume in room temperature.

150g Cold butter
2egg whites
60g sugar

* Double boil egg whites and sugar, whisk till sugar melt, removed egg whites, beat on high speed until peak and add cold butter, keep beating until it has become smooth cream.

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