Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mango Mousse Cake

15.05.2017 - Mousse, sounds yummy already! am i right. Lets get into the recipe :)

( recipe by mandybakingjourney i modified a little bit here and there )

3 eggs ( medium )
90g flour
1/2tsp baking powder ( added )
pinch of salt
35g oil
30g water
1/2tsp vanilla
90g sugar ( i reduce to 50g sugar )

* Grease 6" pan line base, grease side with butter.
* whisk water, oil and vanilla in a small bowl set aside.
* beat eggs until ribbon stage, sift in flour 3 batches, fold in very gently with a balloon whisk do not over mix and deflate the mixture ( or else the sponge won't rise and lost it fluffiness), add ( water+oil+vanilla ) slowly fold until combine with a spatula.
* Bake 180c for 30 minutes center rack.
* Done, removed from oven, wait for few 10 minutes in the pan, let cake pull away from pan and invert cake to the wire rack and set aside for later used.
* When cake is cool, cut into 2 layers.

( recipe by allthatmatters )

You will need about 4-5 large sweet Mangoes
( for mousse, mango cubes for mousse filling in between the cake layers, topping and decoration. )

300g Mango ( peeled ) + 3tbsp power sugar
17g gelatin powder + 60g hot water
220g cubes Mango ( for fillings in the mousse )

* Puree Mango with 3tbsp power sugar.
* Dissolve gelatin with hot water, once it is in room temperature.  Mix in mango puree set aside.
* Beat whip cream until stiff peak, fold in mango puree gently with a whisk and change to spatula until all combine and set in the fridge for later use.

150g Mango Puree
1tbsp gelatin powder + 4 1/2tbsp hot water

* Dissolve gelatin powder into hot water. set aside
* puree mango and mix in gelatin water.
* Pour Mango Topping into mousse cake, let it chill for 2 hours.

* Ready 8" Spring Pan, Place a layer of cake in the center of the spring pan.
* seperates mousse into equal portion.  Pour the 1st portion mouse about half amount to cover the cake and add in mango cubes.  Cover the cubes with the remaining mousse.
* Repeat, put another layer of cake in the center, make sure you lightly press the cake down a little.
* Pour the remaining 2nd portion of mousse all the way to the top of the pan.
* use a rubber scrap to smooth the top and chilled for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
* Add in Mango Topping let it chilled for 4 hours or overnight is the best
* i have extra mousse, due to a smaller pan used, so i make another 2 cups of mousse cake.
* To remove the cake from ring, blow with a hair dyer for few second not too long and remove ring and serve chilled.

Happy Baking!!

This is really so so delicious!! Aaahh.........hmmmm

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