Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lumpia Semarang Ala Amirah

I personally love spring rolls or popiah, love when i bite that crunchy skin.  At home, mom always make for special occasion.

As i stay in indonesia, i come to know this spring roll called Lumpia Semarang, it is a special spring roll from the province of Semarang.  Lumpia Semarang basically filled with bamboo shoots, shredded chicken, prawns and scrambled eggs :) It can either be eaten fried or fresh.

Lumpia semarang made with a special made lumpia skin, i can easily get here, as it is available at all wet market everyday.  The skin is totally different from frozen popiah skin.  Lumpia skin is so much better than any frozen ones, when these rolls are fried, the skin turn so crispy and it is hardly break or leak like those frozen skin, since i found this fantastic fresh lumpia skin, i never have gone back for frozen popiah skin ever!! i just love every bite when its already fried, it is heavenly crispy!

Here comes my version lumpia semarang, filled with bamboo shoots, chicken meat and carrots. As i do not have prawns and scrambled eggs included, so i name my own version. Its already so delicious, can not imagine if with the 2 complete ingredients, im sure more tasty.  I have been making for the 3rd time, i am loving my own version with just 3 ingredients and seasoning anyway, and this is the latest lumpia semarang i made.  You may say that this is not so lumpia*  anyway....

Lets get on with the recipe.


2 chicken breast
1kg bamboo shoots ( wash boiled and julienned )
2 carrots ( julienned )
4tbsp oyster sauce
2tbsp kicap manis
1tsp white pepper to taste
chicken granules to taste
salt and sugar to taste

Marinate Chicken
2tbsp oyster sauce
1tbsp light soya
dash of sesame oil
dash white pepper
dash of salt
some sugar
2tsp corn sauce
2 garlic cloves for cooking

* In a soup pan, heat water and cooked bambooshoots for 10minutes, discard water and wash bamboo shoots with running tap water and julienned set aside for later use.
* Clean chicken and cut into smaller pieces marinate set aside.
* Peel carrots and julienned set aside.
* Heat wok, sauteed chopped garlic, in chicken meat mix well.  add bambooshoots and carrots stir and mix well, in with seasoning until all combine, add 2 cups of water, mix well until all cook evenly and dish up.  Set aside until it is cool enough to wrap on lumpia skin.
* after it is cool, lay a lumpia wrap on a clean serving plate.  Scoop a spoonful of filling on skin, wrap accordingly and seal the end with egg wash. Continue wrap until finish.
* If you have left over filling, can keep in airtight container freeze up to 2 weeks.
* Heat wok and deepfried lumpia until golden brown, dish up served warm with chilie sauce/ thai sweet chilie sauce.

Happy Cooking!!


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