Thursday, May 20, 2010

Assam Pedas Fish Fillet

It has been ages when i had my last assam pedas at home, last night my Assam Pedas cooking was MA-MA-MIA..... a good one and very satisfying!! My food judge Husband, he really enjoy eating them, can see from his extra portion of rice!! but it really was a successful cooking. How would l know it was good? i compare to the best assam pedas in town. Its easy to become your own judge, once you use eat out, eat any kind of food everywhere, anywhere from the lowest to the finest restaurants, not affraid to try different cooking, trying same cooking from different quality of cooks, you will know how good is your own cooking and way you go judge yourself.

anyway, Assam Pedas fish can use whole fish or fish fillet ( up to you basically). Last night, I was using fish fillet, it was easy to eat and no worries of the little bones.. i think i will prefer to use fish fillet for my next assam pedas too. My ingredients are very simple, easy and fast to cook, so here is my recipe and enjoy cooking like i do!! :)

600g fish fillets
5pcs lady fingers cut into pcs ( you can add bringal too )
quarter bunch of daun kesum/laksa leaves ( if you prefer this much ....) or else u can add lesser or more if you like too.
1pc bunga kantan
air assam jawa/tamarind juice

1 small onion
4 shallot
5 garlic
5-6 dried chili

salt & sugar to taste
dash of chicken powder
1tbs coriander seed/powder

* clean fish and cut in small pcs and put aside.
* head wok, put in blended ingredients into hot oil, stir well till aromatic. add in bunga kantan, laksa leaves and lady fingers, stir and mixed well and add in air assam jawa/tamarind juice stir well and put in seasoning and mix well, taste and stir and add some water, slow fire and close lid let it boil for 2-5 mins till aromatic. open lid and taste.
* once all mixed well and seasoning well, put in fish fillet stir and mix, close lid let the fish cook for 1-3 mins or so. Open lid stir mixing, taste and dish up, served hot.

NOTE : if the taste is too sour/sweet/salty/sauce dry up/too thick, or you simply prefer to have more sauce please do add some more water. if too much water into sauce then put seasoning to taste.

Happy cooking!! :)

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