Monday, May 17, 2010

Egg Spaghetti with chicken sausage

another favourite and easy dish of mine anyone can cook! whenever i want a quick lunch or dinner, this will comes to mind. i would love to share my recipe to all, have fun.

egg spaghetti ( SAN REMO brand ) or any brand will do
4 chicken sausage chopped
1-2 lime, juice
1 big onion
4 big tomatoes chopped
chopped parsley/coriander leaves
rosmary leaves
tarragon leaves
1 cup of Olive oil

1/2 can of pasta sauce 
2 tbsp ketchup

salt to taste
sugar to taste

* boil water in pot, put in salt. Put in spaghetti into hot boiling water and let it cooked for 5-7 minutes. have a bite and always taste your spaghetti, spaghetti should be not too over cooked, it should be chewy, firm bite but not hard yet cooked through. drain and dish up dash with olive oil to avoid from sticking together or drying up.
* heat pan, put in 1 cup of olive oil to fried / sautee chopped sausage till cooked and aromatic, dish up drain.
* to cooked spaghetti sauce, heat pan put in olive oil sautee chopped onion and add in sausage stir and add in little salt. Put in rosmary, tarragon leaves stir well and add in chopped tomato and lime juice mix and stir well till aromatic.
* put in sauce mix and stir add in salt and sugar to taste and let it boil through, off fire.
* put cooked spaghetti on plate, pour sauce on top of spaghetti and dash with grated parmesan cheese powder, served hot.

Happy Working!!

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