Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Butter Fish Fillets Recipe

12.05.2010 - Brunei. ohh...its so easy to fall in love, its so easy to fall in love....its so easy...YEAH......YEAH....its so easy......
who knew this song......this song just right for this dish! my " BUTTER FISH " its so simple, so easy and its simply fresh and delicious, you will just fall in love with it!!.....yum yum.....from the look to the smell and finally to the taste....
I have been cooking several time with my version of Butter Prawns, but for Butter Fish, its definately my first time, seems like nothing much different with the prawns, its just that easy. my mother in law is definately the luckiest person to try first, and its her 1st visits to see us and her grandson my little boy, all the way from Jakarta, so i have to show some skill here. and of cos she loves my cooking as usual and my husband too. enjoy everyone! Here is the recipe

1 cup of oil for deep-frying
500g fish fillet, sliced
4-5 egg yorks
100g unsalted butter/butter
3 clove garlic finely choppeed
curry leaves
5-6 chili padi chopped
1 or 2 egg white
salt to taste
1/4 sesame seed oil
1 tsp light soya sauce
corn flour/wheat flour coating fish

chicken stock

* combined fish fillet with marinade afor 30 minutes or so.
* Heat up oil for deep-frying. coat fish fillet with corn/wheat flour again and deep-fried till golden brown dish up and drain.
* Heat up wok, melt butter with low heat and put in chopped garlic. gently stir-in egg york to wok keep stiring during pouring of egg york until it form into very fine shreds. add in curry leaves, chili padi, seasoning and mix well.
* Lastly add in fish fillet mix well and dish up. Served hot.

Happy Cooking !!^p^


Sylvia said...

what kind of fish do you use Jess?

Amirah Waznah @ Jessica said...

frozen dory fillet. u can use any frozen or fresh fish fillet, no pblm.

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