Monday, May 10, 2010

1st Mother's Day Hi Tea, The Empire Hotel Brunei

little sliced cheese cake

Strawberries sliced mousse cake

Sponge sliced cake with cream & chocolate cream topping.

sliced chocolate cake with heavy cream & choco deco

white chocolate mixed orange with oranges caviar topping & based with creamy sponge cake

sausage puffs, samosas, popiah

fresh brew coffee

09th May 2010 @ Lobby Lounge, The Empire Hotel & country Club. This is my 1st Mother's Day celebration, feeling wonderful. Being a Mother add another celebration for life. This Mother's Day celebration is a "Double Happiness" as my mother in law was here in Brunei on her 2 weeks holiday to celebrate with me and of cos my little precious! He is my little sunshine that brings the most Happiness to the day and in my life. He is 2 months old a 1 day to 3 months old on the 10th. so its an advance celebration of his Birth Date too :)

Not forgetting to thanks my hubby to make everything possible celebrating my first Mother's Day at The Empire Hotel, the Hi-Tea was a great gestured. The food was great and love the environment.

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