Friday, January 3, 2014

Curry Mackerel with Banana Flower

4 pcs Cut Mackerel
200g Banana Flower, has been boiled over
3 tbsp curry powder, add water into paste
4 shallots
3 garlic
4-5 fresh chilis, optional
4 slices of fresh old ginger
2 slices of galanga / Lengkuas
1/4 tbsp Tumeric powder
1 tbsp coriander powder
1/4 tbsp cinnamon powder, optional
pinch of clove powder, optional
2 cardamom, optional
500ml Water, as needed
100ml Concentrate Coconut Milk
Coriander Leaf for garnish
Salt, Sugar & Chicken granules to taste

Method of Cooking Banana Flower :
- Prepare and cook banana flower first.  Heat a soup pan with half water and sprinkle with generous salt, boil away.  Add in the banana flowers cook until it is soft for about 20 to 30 minutes.  Drain water and keep banana flower aside.  Cooking Banana Flower can be done few days ahead of cooking the curry. After cook, can be refrigerate up to few month with a air tight container keep in the freezer.

Method of Cooking Curry Fish & Banana Flower:
- Heat wok/soup pan.  Add cooking oil and sautee garlic, shallots and all spices into one and gently stirring it till aromatic, add in Curry paste, mix well till aromatic.

- Add in coconut milk and 200ml water let it simmer and fish and banana flowers and another half of the water.  Let it cook with lid cover low fire until banana flower and fish are cooked through.  Add salt, sugar and chicken granules to taste.

- Dish up and served with hot rice. and garnish with coriander leaf.

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