Friday, January 24, 2014

Tangkuban Perahu National Park, Bandung. Indonesia.

TangkupanPerahu National Park is another cooling and fresh air live volcano mountain that you don't want to be missed if you ever visit Bandung on your first trip to this province.   It is the only crater in Indonesia that you can drive up to its very rim. Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a distinctive shape, and looks like an “overturned boat”. The huge crater is an astonishing view and you can walk around and explore this for around two hours.  This is an active volcano and the volcano erupted last year February 21, 2013.  Thanks God it only spew toxic gases and the whole park is still stand in one piece.

Getting there is very easy and accessible by any type of vehicles or you may take a Subang Colt via Lembang from Bandung’s minibus terminal in front of the train station to the park entrance of Tangkuban Perahu. The entry is 20,000IDR per person. 

There are minibuses, which lead you to the top, which officially cost 10,000IDR per person.  You can simply take another type of public transport minibus for a few stops to reach the park in case you can't find the right minibuses going up to the park.

The mountain air is simply cooling and refreshing.  I remembered i was so excited to get there!! The first thing that i noticed when we were at the mountain peak, is that the smell of the sulphur was extremely strong.  Eventually we could see the live active volcano in front of our eyes and still actively spews out sulphuric smells, gases and steamed.  It was a very gloomy day with a very strong cool air and blizzard was blowing us like crazy!!! smelling of the sulphur is really not a pleasant one! we quickly grab a cup of coffee to warm us down.  However we did not walk down to the spring water.  It was such a rush tour around. Too bad.

This park is not spoiled by the smell of sulphur or the

There will be alot annoying peddlers following you behind, just ignored and firmly tell them you do not interested if you are not.  All the way walking down the hill, alot of vendors in a more appropriate selling.  All kinds of souvenirs can be found here.

Here are some useful tips for you when you're there!

•Not everyone can stand the smell of the sulfur fumes; handkerchiefs are suggested to cover your nose and mouth.
•Never walk into the crater without care, it’s better to hire trusted guide.
•Do not hesitate to resist Peddlers if you are not interested.
•Best bring a jacket/sweater to protect yourself from the cold temperature.
•Bring an umbrella to avoid sunburn or possible heavy downpours.
•Try to reach the crater as early as possible because around noon the mist starts to roll in through the trees.
•Do not hesitate to say ‘No’ to the vexing local guides who follow you around and ask for money at the end of the trip.


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