Sunday, January 5, 2014

Homemade Kaya III / Coconut Egg

30.12.2013 - Nongsa Batam.  My 2 bottles of Kaya are ready packed for my friend to bring home to Spain tomorrow!! I hope they will love this Asian Jam! :) Its delicious and simple to make. 

5tbsp caster sugar + 1 round palm sugar
250ml coconut milk
5 eggs ( 3 whole eggs & 2 yorks )
Pandan Leafs


* In a bowl, 5 eggs beat evenly and add in coconut milk, heat palm sugar and sugar in a sauce pan with 1tbsp water till melted, cool and add into egg mixture.

* Heat water for double boiler.  In double boil bowl, put in pandan leaves, strain in egg mixture, slowly cook and  keep stirring till it is thicken about 15mins or curdling up, off fire, dish up and blend about a 2nd till smooth and transfer to a bowl let it cool and transfer to an empty jar.

Happy Cooking!

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