Monday, January 13, 2014

Takeaway Padang Food @ R M. Putra Kandung, Kalibata, Jkt Sltn

27.02.2013 - Kalibata, Jakarta Selatan.  The 2nd day during my stay, My Mother-In-Law early in the morning walked to this Padang Restaurant, take away some scrumptious and rich yummy Padang food for my brunch.  I was then so in love with the udang rempeyek.  It is so fresh from the wok, so crispy and delicious, just love it.  She told me the udang Rempeyek could sold out very quickly, so therefore she has to walk there to queue for this early.  

When comes to Padang food, i enjoy Rendang very much!! As long as there is Beef Rendang, Rempeyek, Daun Ubi with alot of Sambal Hijau, and one type of Gulai Vegy, I am more than satisfied!! :) 

During this trip, i have been eating this food for many round! Gosh....never realise until i saw all my pictures!! LOL...really so yumm and this coming trip in feb 2014, im gonna eat this again. Just wait and see. 

RM Putra Kandung Masakan Padang Kalibata City

Beside Kalibata City Apartment
Jakarta SelatanSelatan

The RM. Putra Kandung Masakan Padang Restaurant/food outlet just right next to Kalibata City Apartment where we stayed.  Its near to walk here for takeaway.  I never dine in as its always crowded during lunch time humid.  Behind this roll of shops/houses, is the railway and another shopping mall the Kalibata Plaza. 

 This is the BEST OF THE BEST Udang Rempeyek!! So delicious

 Pecel Leleh

 Beef Rendang, as always so delicious!!

Kulit / Kikil...can't remember

 Some Gulai Vegy 

 Sop Tulang

 Sambal Ijoh

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