Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stuffed Beancurd ( Tau Pok & white Tau fu )

 Stuff Tofu Pok

Stuffed Tofu / Stuffed Firm Beancurd 

4 white tau fu ( cut into triangles )
10 tau pok

500g chicken boneless, minced 
2tbsp Osyter sauce
1tbsp light soya sauce
dash of salt, pepper, chicken granules,
2 tbsp corn flour
handful chopped coriander leafs / spring onion

4 cups water, add more if needed
oyster sauce, salt, sugar to taste

Chopped Spring Onion
Chopped Cilantro

1. To make filling - Clean chicken, minced chicken with food processor.  Transfer minced chicken in a clean bowl, add the rest of the seasoning and ingredients mix well and set aside.

2. Clean tau fu, cut tau fu into equal triangles. Use a knife, carefully cut around the edges of the long side of triangle. Make the incision slightly more than half way through the tofu. Make sure you don't cut through.

3. Use teaspoon remove a portion at the center tau fu, Be very gentle to keep the pouch intact. Scoop filling and stuff in to the middle as much as you it could fit in. Shape the stuffing with finger tips. Repeat this to the rest of the tofu.  As for the tau pok, just gently poke a hole in the middle, do the same stuffing till finish. 

4. In a soup pan, place tau pok below follow with white and brown tau fu, arrange closely next to each other.  In a bowl, add in sauce and mix water, pour over tau fu.  Cook with medium fire slowly until cooked through.

5. Add water, taste and add seasoning as needed.

6. When it is cooked, dish up, sprinkle with chopped spring onion and cilantro.

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