Monday, January 6, 2014

Lunch @ Pak LIM Kopitiam, Kalibata Plaza, Jkt Selatan.

Pak Lim Kopitiam @ Kalibata Plaza, Jakarta Selatan.  Very impressive interior with a hint of old town singapore / malaysia kopitiam.  This restaurant is a non air conditioning dinning.  Served a variety of Singapore, Malaysia and Java cuisine and beverages, mainly the famous toasted bread suitable for breakfast and afternoon tea break time.  

We ordered Nasi Lemak, as i am a Nasi Lemak Lover, im so curious to get to know how well actually they can cook Nasi Lemak.   The presentation is acceptable, but the sambal...i don't see sambal...where is the sambal!! my god!! 1st time i eat nasi lemak has NO Sambal ! is way too far from good!! gosh! Do they really "main hantam" only!!  perhaps they thought this will only be eaten by indonesian or people who never tried before or too confident that no customer will ever realise the differences!! oohh...come on!!  

How awful! I spotted the differences from the rice, and nasi lemak tasted more like nasi uduk!! they thought cooking nasi lemak is the same like nasi uduk maybe.  Both rice cooked with coconut milk, but they didn't know that the difference was nasi lemak didn't use daun salam added to the rice but instead used pandan leave, and for nasi uduk doesn't use pandan leaf but used daun salalm!  Daun salam is very strong, so when the rice cooked with it, can easily smell and taste that in the rice.  Overall the plate of Nasi Lemak is far from OK! need no to say more.. 

I am of cos disappointment with my Nasi Lemak order. and the other order was the chau kway teow. Just so so. taste just like the regular fried kway teow everywhere in indonesia. 

I think staying in Batam and the people in Batam are so adopted with the lifestyle and food of Singapore and Malaysia.  Food in Batam are more similar and influence to both neighbouring countries.  No problem of getting a good nasi lemak here, roti prata, tea tarik, tea c, kopi o, laksa spore style or msia style and most of all Chicken Rice!  In Java island, is far from available as simple as Nasi Lemak or tea tarik! 

Pak Lim Kopi Tiam

Kalibata Plaza, Mall (Lt. Dasar), Jl. Kalibata Raya
Kalibata Jakarta Selatan

 my son eat KFC...LOL..

 So called....Nasi Lemak, look at the egg omelet??, salad?? and the most important sambal none!!? no sambal?!!, .....this is far from good! the anchovies & peanut taste not good either and the chicken! and the rice taste like nasi uduk!

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