Monday, January 13, 2014

Snacking @ Mushroom Factory Kiosk, KalibataCity Square Mall, Jkt Stn

04.03.2013 - Kalibata City Square Mall, Jakarta Selatan.  Mushroom Factory is a small kiosk located at basement next Baskin-Robins Ice Cream kiosk.  

I love Mushroom! Have quite a selection on the menu! I remember i tried the Champignon Mushroom and another type.  Its indeed delicious, a yummy snack to munch in my mouth with that crispy and fresh mushroom!!  

Mushroom Factory

Basement Floor, Kalibata City Square (Kalibata)Jakarta,

 1st, mushroom clean and cut 

 Mushroom transfer into a bowl of marinating water

 3rd coat the marinated mushroom to deepfried

 4th, fried till golden brown and dish up

 Yummy! The portion is quite huge!

 Worth to try! Yummy

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