Monday, January 13, 2014

Dinner @ Lotteria, KalibataCity Square Mall, Jkt Stn

03.03.2013 - Lotteria, Kalibata City Square Mall, Jakarta Selatan. 

History that you might be interested how Lotteria was born.  

The company was founded on February 1972 in Tokyo, Japan by Shin Jun Ho, a Korean entrepreneur. Its first franchises opened in Nihonbashi, Ueno, and Yokohama in September of that year.   Lotteria is a chain of fast-food restaurants in East Asia.  Taking its name from its parent company, Lotte, it currently has franchises in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.  Its menu includes typical fast-food items such as burgers, fried potato, fried chicken, chicken wings, and chicken fingers.

This outlet is the one and only in Jakarta at this moment.  The food is extremely delicious!! I love the special fried chicken, coated with a layer of slightly spicy and sweet sticky sauce, Korean specialty.  Another flavour is the normal crispy fried chicken and sesame fried chicken.  The fried chicken coated with sticky sauce still a winner!  

XXL Burger size is quite a normal size to me, it didn't look anything bigger, XXL or larger than the ordinary burger size or the height.. Taste was good. 

The Prawn Balls are superlicious! love it.  Overall all food was tasty and mouth watering. I will sure return for the chicken and prawn balls.  Yes, will return very soon in feb to march 2014...coming real soon. for another 2 weeks holiday.  Horay! 


Basement Floor, Kalibata City Square (Jalan Kalibata Raya)Jakarta SelatanDKI Jakarta

XXL Burger

 Prawn Balls a little over fried but i have no complain because its taste fantastic!  The next day we went back for this and it fried perfectly!


 3 types of fried chicken.

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