Monday, January 13, 2014

Durian Indulgence @ Kalibata, Jkt Sltn

 27.02.2013 - Highway alang Jln Taman Pahlawan Kalibata, Jakarta Selatan.  Afternoon walk to the opposite highway for Durian Treats!  I absolutely love to eat durian that isn't too thick or too thin.  and i love durian taste with bitter sweet! the more bitter the better...yumm!!

Along the highway at Jalan Taman Pahlawan Kalibata, this is the place where you can get a lot of durian sellers.  from one stall to another.  and some other fruit stalls.  When season, local durians can be in a very reasonable price per kg.  If not in season, it can be quite pricey too.  Well the imported Thai Durian still remain more expensive.

Jalan Raya Taman Makam Pahlawan Kalibata Selatan

Road and Park
Opposite Kalibata City Square, Jl. Raya KalibataJakarta SelatanDKI Jakarta

 You see what i caught in this pic!

 Just Perfect!! Flesh not too thick, not too thin and sweet with bitterness! thats what i like..

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