Friday, January 17, 2014

Sticky Char Siew Sauce Grilled Chicken

7 pcs mini chicken drumsticks
1tbsp Honey
1tbsp light Soya Sauce
1/2tbs Sesame Oil
2tbsp Char Siew Sauce ( LEE KAM KEE Brand )
1 tbsp Garlic Powder
1/2 tbsp Five Spice Powder


Marinate meat overnight or at least few hours.

Prepare a baking pan with a layer of aluminium foil.  brush with cooking oil

Pre-heat Oven 250c.

Place marinated chicken on aluminium tray and bake / grilled for 5 minutes and consistently brush glaze on each chicken with left over marinate sauce.

Brush chicken every 3 minutes or so and turn over chicken every 5 minutes, turn and brush method, until the chicken equally cook through and coated with a shining glaze beautifully.

Cooking time takes up to 30mins or until golden brown, depending on the size of your chicken drumsticks. I used a very tiny mini small drumsticks.

If you want the chicken to left some burn marks at the end, grill/bake longer.

Soooo Yumm!!  I cook it perfectly!

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