Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 Chinese New Year, 3rd Day CNY Lunch

12.02.2013 - Home Tuaran.   Sorry late post.  Its almost end of year 2013, and i only post CNY 2013..LOL..anyway...

Every year on the 3rd day of CNY is our turn invite cousins over lunch.  Since father wasn't around anymore, we have been skipped this for 2 years, no more invitation over lunch on CNY, it is truly a quiet and sad years.

When father was still alive.  3rd day is the important day for him to served and reunion with his brothers, sisters and cousins because only this day he get to meet all of them.  So is like meeting them once a year eventhough we are staying in the same continent! duh...i mean all in KK.   After CNY no more gathering or meet up between cousins.  All busy with their own lives.  So 3rd day CNY is very important for him.  He will cooked alot of food on the table.  He cooked day before and start again from morning till guests arrived, mother is his assistant.  Those were the days.  I will always remember how father has loved each of them.  And He passed away on 05.02.2011 falls on the 3rd day of CNY.  Sometimes i wonder, maybe father purposely die on the 3rd day of CNY, so as he will always be remembered.

This year 2013, is the time of the year again, its the 3rd day of CNY, we invited close cousins & friends over Lunch since we were all here.   Anyway, everyone busy cooking and i cook the most dishes.  We bought along other food the Tuaran Mee, Roasted Chicken too.  Too bad my son wasn't feeling well.

 This dish is from my husband.  he is a great cook in the kitchen too! 

 Gigantic Fish!!!!


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