Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tuaran Vegy Market / Tuaran Pasar

09.02.2013 - Tuaran Town.  Sabah.  Tuaran Pasar is open 365 days but the very special day that most of the vegetables from Kundasang will be on every Saturday and Sunday is the major pasar tamu to explore.  Tuaran Sunday Market is the busiest.

Go as early as 6am in the morning is the best time to get what you want and fresh, not only that to get a decent parking around the market too.  For buyers, going early is always the winner, get the best out of everything.  If go to the market after 10am will be little too hot and most of the thing sold out.

Here you can get all kinds of vegy from kundasang higher land like big fat cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and many vegies from cooler weather.  besides the vegy market, there is a fish market and fruits market. and above at the market building the famous Wong's Tuaran Mee can be found located at 1st flr 1st unit.  Wong's homemade Tuaran Mee is one of the famous Tuaran Mee supplier that supplies to all over KK restaurant.   Next to fish market there is a suspension bridge that has been built for ages.
Don't miss the opportunity to visit Tuaran Vegy market specially on Sunday.

 Tuaran Antique Clock Tower 

 My beloved MOM :P



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