Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream

06.10.2013 - Batam.  Fridge stock up some big fat mango and strawberries. and its no really sweet. So im turning them into Ice Cream.

I found this recipe simply easy.  It was actually Mango "Yoghurt" Ice Cream ( or its not needed to be name "yoghurt" ice cream.  Is up to you if you want to be specificed ). I find that the yoghurt only plays little part in this recipe, so it doesn't matter to mention or not to mention.  :P

Originally, this recipe needed 300gm of mango, i over looked and used only 200gm instead of 300gm.  i did a study on the measurement too.  The recipe not complicated but each ingredients used GRAM on measurement, so i am not sure about using all ingredient in GRAM.  or perhaps later i might get the wrong measurement for whipping cream or yoghurt with gm.  I am so used to milk or cream with cups/ml.  So its hard for me to measure.  So need a little hard work to convert ingredients weight in a proper way.

All sorts of ingredients don't have the same weight such as Gram/Cup/oz/ml, they all contain different weight. So I have to be specific. Sometimes we can go very wrong with the measurement like all purpose flour and cornflour from gram to tbsp or cups. they can weight differently even though they are the same in flour form. so we have to be very careful with every ingredients.  So when i start measure my ingredients, i used 3 types of measurement to weight each ingredients, i used cup to ml and to gm, just to make sure all exact and for my knowledge weight from one another.

The recipe ingredient includes 1 tsp. strawberry emulco. I don't have that so i didn't add any.  If you want to add that you may go ahead to do so just right after the whipping cream was mix with the fruit & yoghurt mixture before transfer to a container.

Anyway, my Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream came out PERFECTLY Delicious!! So smooth and creamy!

I tasted my ice cream just after 4 hours freeze and texture was great! but the center still soft so i continue freeze up to 6 hours standard.  Its perfect to eat after 6 hours! I did many Homemade Ice Cream. Whenever i freeze too long or overnight.  The Ice Cream tend to be hard and icy. So i guess eating just after 6 hours was the PERFECT timing, while it was not too hard and just lovely and creamy!!

Here 's the recipe


200g Mango Flesh
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 cup Heavy Cream/ Whipping cream
100ml Mango Yoghurt straight from yoghurt cup


*Blend Mango Flesh and sugar together becomes puree.  Blend till granulated sugar has dissolve.
*With hand mixer whisk whip cream until stiff. ( whisk until stiff but do not over whisk )
*Mix Mango Yoghurt into Mango puree and fold in whipped cream.  Cover with a plastic wrap,
*Transfer to container and freeze for 6 hours or overnight.
*This is how i handle my frozen ice cream after a long overnight.  remove from freezer 10mins before serving
 There's only 4 ingredients you need to make this ice cream

 Mango Puree, Mango Flesh blend with sugar until very fine, make sure all sugar dissolved
100ml mango yoghurt ( if you bought a yoghurt that contain 125g ) just go ahead to used it all straight from yoghurt cup won't effect much of the taste and texture

 Mixed in Yoghurt to mango puree

Mixed well till combined.

Beat whipping cream until stiff 

 Fold in Mango Puree & Yoghurt mixture into whipping cream

 Mixed well until all combine, do not over mix/ break whipping cream

 ALl mixed well and ready to transfer to container

 In container

 Cover ice cream with plastic wrap and freeze to 6 hours and overnight.  
After 6 hours, Ice Cream just fantastic to consume.

 Smooth and Delicious Mango Ice Cream

After 6 hours just perfect to eat.  But if you gonna eat this overnight the next day, this ice cream will be come quite frozen hard in the freezer.  Remove from freezer 10 to 20 mins before serving.  :) 

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