Thursday, October 3, 2013

Telur Sambal Belado / Hard-boiled Eggs Sauteed in Chili Sauce

20.07.2012, Batam.  I absolutely LOVE Telur Sambal Belado!! Its Indonesia! Its simple! very straight forward cooking! quick to prepare, Its delicious and whatelse can I ask for more to go along with my bowl of fragrance steamed white rice! 

Here is the Recipe.

8 Hard-boiled eggs
Oil to deepfried

* Boiled eggs to hard-boiled eggs, discard egg shells and drain water.  
* Prepare oil to deepfried in a pan, When oil is medium hot, in all hard boiled eggs, deepfried till golden brown and dish up and drain oil. Keep aside.

Handful fresh red chilies
5 shallots
4 garlics
1 Tomato
( Blend all ingredients till fine/ with morter or hand blender. Blend tomato separately )

3 Daun Salam
1 Lemongrass
Salt, Sugar & Chicken Granules to taste


* Heat wok, add 3tbsp cooking oil and add in lemongrass & daun salam, sauteed till aromatic and add in blended chili paste mix till combine and let it cook for a minute.  Add in blended tomato and mixed well.  
*If too dry, add little water.  cook until all combine and soften, add in salt, sugar and chicken granules to taste.  
* Add in deepfried hard boiled eggs, mixed well until all coated with sambal and dish up and served hot with white rice. 

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