Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pischok ( Banana Chocolate Stick )

06.08.2012 - You must wondering what is a "Pischok" mean.   Pischok is a short form of "Pisang Coklat" in bahasa means Banana Chocolate.

In Indonesia, Pischok sell as gorengan.  Some kind of dessert or snack that people loves in the afternoon tea time.  It is very easy to prepare.

Most hawkers used a special made kind of lumpia / Spring roll skin to make pischok, they wrap the cuts semi ripe banana and sprinkle chocolate rice and roll up in a long stick shape, deepfried till golden brown.

To garnish of your own desire, you may sprinkle confectioner's sugar on top, served with melted chocoalte sauce, with shredded cheese or eat just as that. Delicious.  Kids love this dish.


10pcs Spring Roll Pastry Wrap ( 1 big sheet cut into 3 )
6-7 semi ripe banana ( cut into slim & long shape )
1/2 cup chocolate rice
1 egg wash
Oil for deep-frying

* Cut 1 sheets of spring roll wrap into 3 put aside.  Cut banana into long, slim and smaller size.
* little egg wash around the edges of the skin and place 2 cuts banana on wrap and sprinkle littel choco rice and wrap it. Repeat the same step to all.
* Prepare wok for deepfried.  Heat Oil and deepfried till golden brown. do not burn or fried too long as the skin will breaks as some banana could be too ripe or skin gets too wet from banana. so it must be quick.
* Dish up and served hot.

Happy Cooking!!

 Don't keep too long to fry these babies, or else the skin will breaks. By the time you finish the wrapping step, the oil should be semi hot enough to deep-fried immediately 

 OOooh...he got tempted!

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