Thursday, October 3, 2013

Curry Fish

02.08.2012- Batam. Curry Fish is just as easy as cooking curry chicken.  Here is my simple recipe. You can add any kind of vegetable as you desire.  I love my curry fish with eggplants and lady fingers.  

Mackerel ( cleaned and cut into pcs )
1tbsp Mustard seeds
4tbsp Curry Powder ( Mixed 3 or 4 tbsp water to curry powder into paste )
2pkt Coconut Milk Powder ( Fresh coconut milk is recommended )
1pcs Fresh Red Chili ( seeded and halved )
5pcs Shallot
3pcs Garlic
4 slices Ginger
Water ( optional )
7pcs or more Lady Fingers ( whole )
2 Eggplants (cut )
Bunch of Curry Leafs

Salted, Sugar and chicken granules to taste


*Used morter/ Hand blender shallots, garlic into paste or fine.  Heat Oil in wok and sauteed paste and ginger, mustard seeds, curry leafs until fragrant.
*Add in Curry Paste sauteed till fragrant.
*Add in coconut milk let it combine, simmer gently and add in Mackerel and Red chili mixed well.  Add in more water if you want or the sauce getting little too dry.  Add in Lady Fingers and eggplants let it simmer for 20mins until eggplants are soft.  Season with salt, sugar and chicken granules to taste.
*When all cooked, dish up and served with warm rice.

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