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Tahu Telur Singapore Style

04.08.2012 -  Remarkably easy and versatile, Indonesian tahu telur (tahu means beancurd and telur means eggs.   It isn't easy to cook Tahu Telur especially when we don't have a proper mould to give it a good shape as i want it to look like Tahu Telur Singapore.  As you could see my Tahu Telur shape is kinda going everywhere!

This dish originate from Jawa Timur, Indonesia but very popular in Singapore.  Originally the Tahu Telur served flat like omelette shape or pancake.  However, In Singapore today this dish has been reshape and served in a different way.

When you saw this in Singapore, the eggs and beancurd mould into a taller shape not flat and top with finely shredded carrot and cucumber with a generous sprinkle of peanuts served with peanut sauce or sauce kicap.  both sauces go very well with this dish, the combination of texture and flavour just amazing!

This is how Singapore Style Tahu Telur Looks like, Taller and in Shape. This is the dish that we used to eat when we stayed in Brunei, Tahu Telur is one of our favourite dish to order from Pondok Sari Wangi, an Indonesia Cuisine Restaurant in Brunei. 

This is another version the Pancake style Tahu Telur originally looks like around Indonesia.

This is how my Tahu Telur looks like without moulding and im trying to hold them together.

Do whatever you like to the shape!! If is Nice to see is always Nice to eat! :)

Anyway, below recipe have some tips related to moulding your tahu telur.   If you never seen a tahu telur mould before, here are some picture i gather.

If you really can't find this mould anywhere in the world.  Try to use ( optional ) sardine canned ( below tips ) to mould your tahu telur but i advise you to use only once everytime as the canned can get rusty very quickly after opened and washed and not hygenic in a way! Or else you have a better idea.  Feel free to suggest.

 My Tahu Telur after deep-fried without mould

 Ground peanuts

Carrot & Cucumber finely julienned.

5 firm beancurd, cut into cubes
4 eggs ( medium size ), stir with a fork
2 tbsp cornstarch/cornflour
pinch of salt & pepper

1/2 cup sweet soya sauce ( Indonesia sweet dark soya sauce / Kicap Manis )
5 cloves garlic
bit of pound chilli ( as you desire )
salt to taste
blend everything and heat it over medium heat

3/4 cup roasted peanuts - ground finely
1 cloves garlic
bit of chili ( as you desire )
Asam Jawa juice / Tamerin juice
salt to taste
Sweet soya sauce ( indonesia sweet dark soya sauce / Kicap Manis )

carrot, julienned
cucumber, julienned
ground roasted peanuts


*Heat oil to deepfried beancurd till golden brown.
*In a pot and immerse the mould for the tahu telur. Add cooking oil. Leave it in.  Make sure the oil covers at least 3/4 of the mould.
*Beat eggs, salt and cornstarch. Add tofu .
*Pour mixture into the mould (about 3/4 full).
*The heat from the oil will cause the egg to overflow but don't panic.. lower the fire, take a scoop and scoop the overflowing egg and pour it back into the mould. Continue pouring the hot oil into the mould till the egg is crispy. Remove mould and let the tofu in the oil till the sides are crispy. Once brown and crispy, remove from oil and drain it.
*Place tofu on a plate, garnish with cucumber and carrot and sprinkle ground peanuts. Pour sauce over on top or with a side bowl to served.


Ways to make the mould for tahu telor.  Get a big condensed milk tin or golden churn tin, remove the top and bottom. Best is to use the mould that is wide and low like in the original recipe above.  Advised to use planta majerine tin (not butter) or golden churn because not only the size is just nice but not that high hence easier to fry later.

When oil is hot, immerse the tin first and leave it for a while to heat the sides then only pour the tofu+egg mixture because if the mould is hot, the mixture will not stick to the side that much and when you are pouring the mixture, be extra careful because the mixture may overflow. Just scoop the overflow mixture and pour it back into the mould at the same time press the top a little to pack the tahu telor.

Don't use high heat because it may brown too fast but the inside may not be thoroughly cooked and don't use too low fire because it will be too oily.

For easy estimation, if you cube the tofu and put them into a bowl, the quantity of the egg when poured into the same bowl with the tofu must be just about the same height. Your tahu telur will come out perfect.

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