Thursday, October 17, 2013

City Food Corner @ Sinsuran

KK, Sabah.  City Food Corner @ Sinsuran KK downtown.  This kopitiam is so easy to find, just situated opposite Centrepoint Shopping Mall or behind Le-Meridien Hotel.

Its a Halal kopitiam selling all kinds freshly bake bread, buns, cakes, loaf, toasted bread and local kueh. Variety of drinks, and have all kinds of A La Carte cuisine from the wall big neon light menu! We were actually waiting for our transportation and coincidently waited infront of this kopitiam, so we went in a check out the food.

Its an ideal place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They served such a variety of economy food during breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Even during morning or afternoon break, they continuously serve economy items from breakfast. such a great place for coffee and bread/cakes.  Love this place so simple and clean.

Its 4pm, i saw some food from kitchen was ready on the serving dish prepare for dinner.  looking so delicious.  Such a pity we couldn't sit down for long to enjoy the food but for sure i will return to taste some food from here.

Here are some pictures that we managed to take! check it out guys!!


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