Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prawn Sambal Petai Recipe ( 2nd Re-posting )

04.08.2012 - Batam.  I repost this recipe as i cook at the different day of the year.  I guess this time i cooks better! :) 

1/2kg medium prawns
asam jawa/tamarind juice
1 big onion
3 shallots
3 onion
3-4 dry chilies ( soak in hot water and cut )
1 pc fresh tomato cut
* wash prawns, discard heads and shells but left only the tails.
* clean petai put aside.
* heat wok, add in 1 cup of oil to deep-fried prawns till brown/cooked, put aside.
* heat wok, put in blended ingredients stir till aromatic. Add in tamarind juice mix well and seasoning to taste.
* finally add in petai stir for a minute and add in prawns. stir to mix well and served hot.

Happy Cooking !! ^_^

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