Friday, October 18, 2013

Nasi Lemak & Satay @ Suria Foodcourt

11.02.2013 - Suria Sabah Shopping Mall.   Foodcourt located at 3rd flr.  It is CNY, foodcourt was crowded and sadly all chinese stalls were closed.  Lucky still many malay stalls are opened for business.

Every stalls were long queue, but i decided to try Nasi Lemak & Satay stall.  The food looking so delicious.  I decided to tried their famous nasi lemak but unfortunately it was all sold out that quick..its just lunch time.  So i buy rice and pick a few mouth watering Curry Chicken, Daging Rendang & Terung sambal, too many good ones to choose actually, how i wish to eat them all!! lol...looks really good ok, if you don't believe me, see those pics below i snapped!  Anyway, i managed to snaps some great food pictures from their food counter while queueing lol.

Sorry no time to go around other stalls for picture!! and the foodcourt also got a bakery selling yummy bunds, breads and cakes too. Check that out guys!

Suria Food Court

Food CourtCafeteria, and Chinese Restaurant
Suria Sabah (3rd Floor)Kota KinabaluSabah 88000

 Look at that eh!! Yumm right!!??! lol  The rendang seriously good!! and terung sambal too...all curry too...gosh...

 Nah the rendang daging....crazilicious!!

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