Monday, October 14, 2013

Kueh Bengka Ubi

14.10.2013 - Batam.  I was wanted to baked Bengka Ubi for a long long time.  I just don't have the guts to try...duh...yesterday i saw so many beautiful and young tapioca / ubi, so i bought some to make bengka ubi.  I adapted his recipe from Kitchen Tigress for quite sometimes.  Now is time to experiment!! I thought this recipe is very straightforward and not needed to squeeze out tapioca juice and turn out just perfect not bitter as mentioned in many recipes.

Ta da!! thought it was difficult...turn out so easy!!! I really love bengka ubi, never in my dream i thought i could make myself one!! what a relief!! can't believe it was so delicious too.  this recipe is good to keep!! so satisfying with a texture, taste and deliciousness of my bengka ubi now...welldone to myself!  I can't wait till it is totally cool to cut, so you see my tapioca cut out still look a little soft.  The next day when it was totally cool, it was so beautiful when i cut the rest.

Still soft and warm at the bottom, can't wait any longer so i cut! :) so delicious

Source: Adapted from Kitchen Tigress and she adapted from Cooking for the President lol....:P

banana leaf or parchment paper
if using banana leaf, wash, wipe dry and lightly oil shiny side
2 eggs
300 g sugar
⅙ tsp salt
1 kg grated tapioca, at room temperature 1000g = 1kg ( i used 900g almost 1000g that all i've got )
4 pandan leaves, rinse and drain
375 ml freshly squeezed coconut milk, at room temperature, undiluted ( i used 1box thick coconut milk 200ml + 1pkt coconut milk powder added to 150ml water, 1pkg coconut milk powder is 50g, so i used total of 350ml coconut milk ) 
125 ml water

Line 23 x 5 cm square cake tin with banana leaf or parchment paper.

Preheat oven to 170°C. ( i place my bengka ubi in the center of oven, I increase to 200c pre-heat n bake 170c for 50 mins + 30mins 200c  = 1hr 20mins ) 50 mins already cooked but not brown, so i increase 30mins 200c to brown the ubi. The result is perfect. Please do not get yourself confuse with my oven temperature, you can follow the original recipe of 170c  40-45mins. depending on individual oven.

Stir eggs, sugar, salt and tapioca till evenly mixed. Knead and wring pandan leaves in mixture till completely crushed. Add coconut milk and water. Mix thoroughly. Discard pandan leaves.

Pour batter into cake tin, moving stream of batter around tin as you pour. Smooth the top, stirring liquid that may accumulate around edges so that batter is evenly mixed. Bake till top is golden brown, edges are crusty and slightly caramelized, and inserted skewer comes out almost clean. This should take about 1¼ hours. Cover edges with foil during last 30 minutes if top doesn't brown evenly. Do not over-bake or cake would be dry.

Remove cake from oven. Leave on wire rack till slightly firm, 30-45 minutes. Unmould and leave cake on wire rack till cold, another hour or so. Cut into 4 x 2.5 cm pieces with an oiled knife. Serve at room temperature with Chinese tea as a snack, dessert or during tea. Chilled icewine or late-harvest Riesling would be good too. Leftovers should be wrapped and refrigerated. Cut and rebake till thoroughly heated and soft, then serve hot or at room temperature.

Kueh bengka ubi is:
"semi-soft and moist with some elasticity and bite, and has an inviting fragrance from the pandan, eggs and coconut milk. Slightly brown and burnt edges give it a special sensuous dimension."

Cooking for the President, Wee Eng Hwa

My yummy Bengka Ubi, so delicious!

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