Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grilled Chicken A La Vanuatu

2009, Vanuatu.  I named it Grilled Chicken A La Vanuatu Style.  I have wanted to eat this grilled chicken that i we had somewhere in port villa town.  It was good and juicy.

I didn't really have time to search for a good grilled chicken recipe or don't really know what are the actual ingredients for a basic grilled chicken either. and so i created my own grilled chicken recipe.

This recipe is simply easy, easy to prepare and grill.  The taste is fantastic!!


Any parts of the chicken or whole chicken ( I used 3 chicken tight & 2 chicken drumsticks )
1 Lime ( squeezed juice )
1tbsp char siu sauce
2tbsp dark soya sauce
1tbsp light soya sauce
Dash of Fish sauce
2tbsp Honey or you can use sugar
Tarragon dry herb
Rosemarry dry herb
2 carrots ( cut )
3 tomatoes


* Mixed all marinate ingredients with the chicken for only 30mins.  You may want to marinate it for 3-4 hours or overnight so as the chicken is more tastier.

* Clean and cut carrot and tomatoes. Just put all over chicken and

* Pre-head oven 250c, Baked for 60mins until welldone, dish up and served.

Happy Cooking!!

So yummy, especially made for my husband birthday and my homemade french fries. 

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