Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lunch @ Soto Rindu Restaurant & Catering, Riimba

13.02.2013 - Soto Rindu Restaurant & Catering, Kg Rimba. Brunei.  Buffet Lunch $7, it was a late lunch for us, this restaurant 365 days offers the same Buffet Lunch & Dinner & A La carte, very straight forward dishes, 1 soup, starter, main courses, desserts & syrup drink.  When we stayed in kg. Rimba, we ate here several times.

Coming back to Giant Supermarket at Kg. Rimba is like going back home!! Oooh...missing his place so much.  We were like going out every night to Giant when we stayed at the Executive Housing Rimba a year ago.  Its so near, just like 5 mins drive, bringing back all those sweet memories when deedat still a baby, felt like just yesterday we were here. Is actually a year now we have left Brunei.  Be back here just awesome.

Soto Rindu Restaurant & Catering Giant Rimba

Food and Restaurant
Giant Supermarket Building
Kg. Rimba

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