Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ciampea Waterfalls Bogor

Ciampea has several tourism places such as the Cigamea Waterfall and Thousands Waterfall which are located at the foot of Mount Salak. Those area are frequently visited by tourists, especially on holidays. In addition to cool air and natural scenery, a lot of areas around the waterfalls provide a safe camping ground. Other tourism potential in Ciampea is Kampung Wisata in the village of Cinangneng.

We went to a few waterfalls, i get myself so confuse which with which as i've forgotten to take picture of the signboard! are some of my pictures, we went to two of thousand of waterfalls in Ciampea.  A place located quite near to my husband sister resident down hill.

We were having so much fun from one waterfall to another. There were so much to see, 1st of all, alot of people because its a weekend.  The locals like spending weekends or school holiday rushing up to these places, so mind you, waterfalls are their ultimate choice and will be pack with people.  Long waited queue going up to the waterfalls and traffic jam will be one negetive point going on weekends or public holiday.  ( never go to these places on peak season or you will stranded in the traffic jam and get yourself frustrated and disappointed.  Some times you could get stranded for half a day about 6-8 hours.

Anyway, In the waterfall park, you will find vendors selling food every corner.  The famous snacks can be found are the grilled sweet corn and gorengan ( fried snacks ), fruits etc.  Some monkey business too! lol... Bottom line we had so much fun.

 joining the fun! i know i won't win anything.

 spring water that locals believe would heal all kind of sickness 

 We arrived at another location waterfall

Half way walking, look what we've found!! Popsicles!! at least something to cool us down.  We have to walk all the way down to the waterfall

One Pee cost Rp1000 lol...

Monkey business

munching some gorengan!



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