Monday, October 21, 2013

Cucur Pisang & Satays for Tea Time @ Sipitang

 16.02.2013 - Sipitang, Sabah.  It was a long drive from Brunei 2 1/2 hours minus all the queue from Brunei kuala lurah to limbang in again to temburong brunei out to sarawak lawas and finally reached Sipitang finally.

It was tea time around 4pm. So we stop by the seafront for snack.  Here is famous during this hour for cucur and gorengan.  The satays and soto are very well known too.  It has been a year since the last time we were here.  Seems like the place used to be was in renovation and all hawkers moved to this parking area.   Next year if we gonna drive to brunei and stop by at sipitang, i am pretty sure this place gonna be a brand new place again.

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