Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lady Handbags Paradise, Bogor

Ciampea is a district in Bogor, West Java Province, Indonesia.  Ciampea is also known for its central home industries which produce good quality bags and shoes.  As soon as we arrived we went into a few factory outlets.

Plenty of lady leather handbags, shoes, luggage from grade AAA to the lowest grade.  If you wish to shop for some good grades of imitation designer begs, here is the place you must stopover. Do go crazy with the begs, find a good grades to spend your money with.  I bought a few to give away! Is a good souvenirs for people who couldn't get here.

 we bought so many...

Nah! too much spending $$$ on bags, go get yourself Cingcau Hijau to cool down yourself! LOL.

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