Monday, October 7, 2013

Sundanese Ayam Bakar

07.10.2013 - Batam.  On my previous blog, i posted the Ayam Bakar Sambal Recipe .  Here is my latest cooking Ayam Bakar cooking with the same method and some photo to share.  I cooked yesterday for lunch with my dearest son.  He loves it and i keep some to grill for dinner too.  Its so easy to prepare.

I can't get enough especially with the sambal and kemangi.  They just match made from heaven.  You can get my ayam bakar recipe in my blog title " sundanese ayam bakar".

I am happy how easy it was to cook ayam bakar compare to my very first and 2nd time.  I don't find it hard anymore as i cook often.  I used 3 chicken tights for this cooking.  You are free to follow the amount of ingredients used in my recipe, because thats what i did.  I didn't reduce any. taste just as good.

Mixed all species and seasoning into the chicken and let it set for few hours. 

 Heat oil in wok, add in chicken marinate let it brown for a few minutes and add water, close lid stew for a few minutes until chicken is almost cooked. 

 Add in Kicap Manis and continue cook until water almost dry and oil appears. Off fire and dish up set aside.

Dish up on a bowl, while chicken still hot, add in blue band butter to chicken and get grill pan ready to be grilled.

 This is a special pan for Ayam Bakar.  On fire, brush little butter or oil on grill pan and line chicken on top and grill both side until slightly burned on both side and dish up


Cook yourself and you'll know what im saying! Finger licking good!! One more RICE pls!!

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