Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Sun Bread Bakery, Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall Batam

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam.  I buy fresh bread and egg tarts every week at here bakery  New Sun Bread Bakery.   They offer a wide range of daily freshly bake breads, buns, loafs, cakes, local famous kek lapis/layer cake, pies, mini colorful tarts, Portuguese tart and egg tarts.

Chocolate filling egg tarts.

The most famous ones are the Egg Tarts.  Egg Tart has been a famous food souvenirs to bring away for visitors to Batam.  They are being so creative.  Not only they make the original egg tart with egg fillings, they have been creating new flavour with chocolate fillings.  I have tried that. Its nice but i still prefers the original that is not too sweet.

Besides selling fresh bakes, there is a cozy dining area for coffee and tea.  All diners can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with its freshly bake from oven.   I like the pineapple tart and seriously love the freshly bake white bread while its still warm.  It is really so delicious and i love how thick the bread was sliced.

My son loves the egg tarts here. I guess is the only decent egg tarts that could get in Batam.  I have tried several egg tarts but it wasn't nice and tasted more like a custard cream than eggs fillings.  However, i have been complaining to the staff about the egg tarts most of the time are too burned.  I told them egg tart shouldn't be burned, or else its they should name it Portuguese egg tart instead of original egg tarts.  Well, they are nver a good listener or they don't bother either. They should go out and see how an egg tart looks like without a single burn on the filling or the shell....hai...

For many months there wasn't any improvement, and with my surprise, i saw they put a banner, " Portuguese Egg Tart!" Oooh...LMAO!! but they still wrong with Portuguese egg tart shell, it should be with puff pastry instead of using egg tart buttery shell if they want to claim those were the portuguese egg tarts ....LOL..correct me if im wrong!

Until today, the egg tart still seriously burn, no improvement. but interns of taste, i have no choice but to say here is the best!

Yummy egg tarts but always burn, over baked

Since the tarts are so famous, they have expanded their business to BCS ( Batam City Square ) located at 3rd flr a small kiosk specialize in all kinds of mini colorful tarts. I will post branch in BCS soon with some great tarts pictures.

This is located at Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall, 1st floor, next to entrance

Read the banner, " Portuguese Egg Tart" but the food tag besides the egg tart was written original egg tarts, chocolate egg tart, & portuguese egg tart. I don't see any difference between portuguese egg tart and original, they all look the same, all burned!!

Small corner for beverage and dine in


Local Kueh and  Cake Lapis

 Colorful tarts are new addition in the bakery

Seriously yummy Pineapple tarts

Address :

New Sun Bread Bakery

Bakery in Batam
Nagoya Hill Food Street, GF (Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Jl. Imam Bonjol)
BatamKepulauan Riau 29444 

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