Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jaya Hypermart @ Gadong.

Feb 2013 - Gadong, Brunei.  Centrepoint Jaya Hypermart is one of my old time favourite place, grocery shopping all done here.  Whatever new supermarket comes up, i still like to do my shopping here.  Price is cheaper than many supermarket around town.

Jaya Hypermart located at the same building of Centrepoint Hotel Gadong.  A 2 storey building top floor is the department store selling mainly clothes & accessories.  Ground floor access to a foodcourt that has variety of stalls, Bakery, Guardian, some small kiosk and a flower.  Few restaurants like Fratini's Italian Restaurant, Coffee Zone Cafe, Jolibee Fast-Food, The Coffee & Tea Leaf Cafe, Dynasty Restaurant, Season Restaurant and many more retails located infront of the building.

Jaya Hypermart

Department StoreBuilding, and Grocery Store
Centre Point Hotel. 

 How i miss this place!

 The Centrepoint Hotel

 My favourite oat cookies oh....

 This is my fav drink! xxx-triple berry

Don't worry, we pay everything he eats. 


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