Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nasi Lemak wrapped in Banana leaf

Tuaran Town, Sabah - I like eating nasi lemak wrapped in Banana leaf, the smell fo nasi lemak infuse with the banana leaf just perfect.  

Nasi Lemak in Banana Leaf can buy at the malay restaurant opposite Milimewa Tuaran.  Sorry didn't pay much attention to the restaurant name :P   The Nasi Lemak only cost RM2.50, very worth it !!.....i give a 3 thumbs up!!. Even the rice wasn't cooked with fragrance rice or AAA rice, the texture not too hard, the ikan bilis sambal with peanuts not too spicy and not sweet, half a boiled egg and slice of cucumber.  I never miss this whenever im back to Tuaran. 

 RM2.50 only

Really soo good!!

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