Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chocolate Cake ( Steamed / Baked )

19.10.2013 - Batam.  I was so tempted by my fried Steamed Chocolate Cake recipe and the chocolate cake she made.  But it was a steamed cake, so i thought of giving it a try with baked instead of steamed.  I did some modification of this recipe.  I replace evaporated milk to fresh milk and rest of the ingredients are the same.

My chocolate cake come out not rise in double. ( why it didn't rise? i dont really know ) But it was fully cooked, i inserted a skewer and it come out cleaned.  and the texture is spongy, soft and dense.  Is really a good chocolate cake recipe, that is how i want a chocolate cake to be, not like a sponge cake.  and it wasn't dry, i just love it!!!

Even though it looks flat. but i sandwiched it up and put a thin layer of chocolate frosting and top with thicker chocolate frosting. Perfect!! Taste so delicious!! and my cake is all GONE in a second!! :) TOO GOOD...

This recipe is good to keep!!

So now i called it " Chocolate Cake ( Steamed / Baked ) how is that sounds eh...? lol....

So Delicious!

Chocolate Cake ( Steamed / Baked )

Butter ~ 180g,
sugar ~ 180g,
evaporated milk ~ 200g, ( I used fresh milk )
eggs ~ 2 (beaten)d
Flour ~ 100g,
cocoa powder ~ 50g,
baking powder 1/2 teaspoon
baking soda 1/2 teaspoon

Method :
1) melted - sugar, milk and butter on the double boiled  steam bowl thereafter  remove from heat set aside.
2) after cooling of 1)  add egg, mix well!
3) Flour and other sifted into a large bowl, and pour into 2) ( fold in 3 batches ) mix well until smooth
4) after mixed well transfer into a 7 inch mode and wrapped in tinfoil (to prevention of water droplets inside), over high heat for 50 minutes! ( i baked for 180c, 45mins )  

Chocolate Frosting
180g milk chocolate / dark chocolate
50g whipping cream ( the amount depends on the consistency of your Chocolate Frosting you want )

* Double boiled chocolate & Cream together mixed well. set aside till cool and ready to used.

 My son want it with Peanut Butter! lol

So freaking yum!!

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