Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Simply Chicken Restaurant, SkyPark Subang Airport

06.02.2013 - SkyPark Subang Airport. Malaysia.  Simply Chicken really simply the BEST lah!! i think if you dont mind to squeezed with the crowd or waiting for a table.  This place is good to eat! Chicken simply delicious! i think for a quick meal here is the most ideal. 

I bought take away Roasted Chicken Rice set for my son, can't really remember how much if im not mistaken is around RM8.++ ( something like that ).  He loves it.  well, he just love chicken rice, simple and tasty! So i steal a few spoons from indeed. 

 We have rounded this place for twice and it was crowded.  So i take away for my son to eat at the Restaurant NOODLE, just opposite.

 Look at the giant poster chicken rice...really so delicious!! and is true, so damn delicious!! I ate a few spoon from my son share...LOL..really good.

 These look good too.  This place definitely worth it.  I would wanna dine here on our coming trip

Fragrance Rice is delicious and chicken is tasty! Simply delicious Chicken!!

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