Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lunch at Taste of Asian Foodcourt @ Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall

18.02.2013 - KL @ Berjaya Time Square, Taste of Asia Foodcourt, offer a variety of food from economy rice selection to malay, chinese, korean, japanese, chinese and western cuisine. 

what you need to do is to buy a card to purchase your food at the stall as easy as that. and if you're a day visitor like us, you can get your balance refund by returning the card to the cashier.  The food court is super huge and it was quite empty when we were there for lunch.  Lunch at Stall 12 KV North Indian Food and Barbeque Rice Stall.  

Food court (Berjaya Times Square)

Food Court
Level 10 Berjaya Times Square (Jalan imbi 1)Kuala LumpurWP Kuala Lumpur55100

 This is the cashier counter located right at the entrance, where you should buy yourself a food credit card first before you going around the food stall to get your food.  


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