Sunday, October 20, 2013

Breakfast @ Foodzone HK DimSum Restaurant

15.02.2013 - Bandar, Brunei.  Foodzone HK DimSum Restaurant located grd flr @ YSHHB Complex, Bandar.  We have dine here or take away countless time.  Is one of my favourite place for Dim Sum, Its HALAL Dim Sum.  Meeting up our friends for breakfast.  

Foodzone Hong Kong Dim Sum serves quality and affordable halal dim sum and now is becoming the leading halal dim sum outlet. They have Dim Sum set @ $11.50 for any five items. It used to be $10 for 5. now price has increased.  Dimsum selling from morning to evening, you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our favourites are siew mai, har gao, shark-fin mai, green dumplings, chicken feet, steamed chicken black bean, char siew pau, prawn salad, yam puff, deep-fried wantan, spring roll, sesame balls, egg tarts & ma lai gao. 

I Love the dim sum here, taste excellent, great choice and they also have other famous sumptuous dishes like the chicken char siew kolomee & Watan Ho which we love it so much, butter chicken, chicken rice and beef noodle soup.  My son also love the chicken char siew fried rice.   I can say everything on the menu is excellent. 

There are many Restaurants and Hotels are serving good to excellent Halal DimSum in Brunei.  you won't have a hard time to search for Halal one's here.   

Foodzone Hong Kong Halal Dimsum

Dim Sum Restaurant, Grd Flr, 
Yayasan Sultan Hj Hassanal Bolkiah Shopping Complex
Bandar Seri Begawan. Brunei.


 This is my fav Watan Ho 

 Yummy char siew fried rice, deedat's fav

 Char siew kolomee, my hubby fav

 Yummy fried noodle with seafood

  He is meeting up with his friend

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