Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kedai Makanan Islamic Restoran I & II

Sabah Centrepoint Shopping Mall (SCSM), KK Sabah.  A large foodcourt at Sabah Centrepiont Shopping Mall located at the basement.  Kedai Makan Islamic Restoran I & II is one of many food outlets that crowded with people during the busy lunch and dinner time.  

This restaurant has been here for donkey years since the 80s and it is now getting bigger than ever.  From one unite to two, looks like business is good and expanding.  Just look at how much variety of food they served.  The roti kosong and roti telur is also a big hit and not to forget the tea tarik during tea time.

The in-charge man on duty! :P Perhaps he is the BOSS...oppss.

 This red and crispy fried chicken is their signature chicken with Nasi Bryani.  This is what we came here for, the chicken!

 Crispy Chicken with Bryani Rice

 He is happy with a piece of Papadam

Tea Tarik

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