Sunday, October 13, 2013

SeaWorld Ancol, Jakarta

Sea World Indonesia or also known Sea World Ancol is a marine aquarium suited in North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. It consists of 1 Main tank, 1 shark tank, and several other tanks, also the white crocodile exhibit. The Main tank of the Sea World Ancol is the biggest aquarium in the Southeast Asia.

The Park
The Sea World Indonesia consists of:
Main Tank - is the salt-water aquarium with the size of 36 x 24 meters with depth up to 6 meters. It's fulfilled with 5 million liters of Salt Water and there's up to 3500 of marine animals life in there.

Sharkquarium - is the aquarium consist of more than 7 different species of sharks. In this tank also, there's a feed the shark attaraction.

Freshwater Area - is the area consist of several smaller aquarium for Freshwater animals like Piranha, Arapaima Gigas, and Electric Eel.

Antasena Tunnel - is the 80 meter tunnel inside the Main tank with automatic travelator and transparent roof, so visitors can get the underwater look sensation without getting wet.

Dugong Tank - is an aquarium that belongs to a pair of dugongs.

Ecosystem Tank - is a aquarium consist of Sponge and Coral and little marine animals like Clownfish and Guppies.

Deep Sea Area - is an area consist of preserved deep sea animal, the preserved deep sea animal placed in a glass tube.

Open Time and Fees

Sea World Indonesia opens from 09 AM till 06 PM. the Entrance Fees is 50,000 IDR (5 USD) at weekdays and 60,000 IDR (6 USD) at weekends

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